Attention: Loneliness

An open letter to love

Dear Love,

Do you remember me? It´s me, Marco. Time has passed since I last wrote to you. I wonder how you are doing? Presumably pretty busy. With matchmaking. Helping people to understand each other; helping people to forgive each other; helping people to enjoy each othter.

Have I told you that I moved? Who knows, maybe you didn´t get my movingmail and you wonder where I might be? I´m living alone now. Downtown. Why don´t you just stop by and visit me?

I think a lot of you lately. And I wonder what went wrong. What have I done that you´re not paying attention to me anymore? I try to understand, why you don´t accompany me a while on my walk. The last time I saw you on the street you just crossed over to the other side and pretended you wouldn´t know me. What did I do wrong? Did I disappoint you?

Attention: Loneliness

Ok, I wasn´t always fair to you. I often said I wouldn´t need you. That I would do pretty fine without you. As if I wouldn´t have enough other problems. And it seems, at some point you started to believe me. Or you thought, just let me go! I really thought I could do without you.

The truth is, I miss you. I miss your touch, your smile, your rocking-me-to-sleep, your strong shoulder, your gentle face.

I miss laughing with you. Criying with you. With you I was ME. You helped me to understand myself better.

Now I´m sitting here and writing to you. This is one of those letter I might never send. One that never reaches the addressee.

No, not this time. This letter is going to be sent. I´m sure!

I hope you can understand me, can see, what I mean, can maybe sacrifice some of your precious time for me.

Maybe you can stop by for a cup of coffee. And maybe you can bring someone along.

I would appreciate it.


01. Mai 2005

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