It´s english Bitch!

Folks I´m back!!!

And like always it was a very pleasant journey. London is still London. And I still feel this special energy that London spreads. It´s like a low voltage that flows through your body. Hard to explain. I guess some will understand what I´m saying. Others will just shake their heads… (like always…)

By the way: I didn´t talk to Elizabeth. She said she´s bussy. But will call me… That´s what they all say…

A totally different topic: CONGRATULATIONS .de!!!

Last night the 10 Millionth (???) .de-Domain was registreted. Consequently .de is the second most used TLD (Top Level Domain) in the world right after .com (about 50Mil. users). Third is .net with 7Mil-something…

I´m still off work this and the next week and my plans … well I have no plans… Isn´t that great!?!?!

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