Random Facts about Marco – Teil 12

have you / do you / are you
– do you dream in color or black and white? color, sometimes even in 3D
– are you wearing fingernail polish? not lately
– is it chipped or fresh? always fresh!
– do you have any dimples? yeah, and I like´em!
– do you remember being born? no
– why do you take surveys? because I´m bored at that time
– did you like or do you like high school? I HATED school
– what is the best accent? british
– who do you want to kiss? I kissed that person already! For Fun: a straight guy!
– do you like sunrises or sunsets the most? sunrises
– do you want to live to be 100? 104 to be eaxct
– is a flat stomach important to you? yes! i´m working on mine!
– do you or have you played with a ouija board? nope! don´t believe that crap!

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